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Personalised Clapper Boards
  • Personalised Clapper Boards

Personalised Clapper Boards

Personalised Clapper Boards, take… one.

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    Hipster director

    When's your next masterpiece coming out, James Cameron?

    Do you prefer Scorsese to Spielberg? Rather watch Campion than Coppola? More of an Ang than a Spike Lee? Or maybe your love for illogical, last-minute plot twists and over-complicated supernatural concepts leads you to M Night Shyamalan.

    Regardless of your preference, every good cinematographer knows that to fully realise your dream, you need quality, professional gear. Often mistaken for a prop, any film maker worth their celluloid film stock will know that this iconic bit of kit is vital to maintaining audio-visual sync and to mark scenes and takes for continuity. Even if you’re not the next Nolan, they make a terrifically personal cinematic gift for film fans.

    etching detail

    Choose if you'd like to have your details professionally etched onto your Clapper Board... with a laser!

    small scale shot

    Small board is perfect for nature docs

    Made from sturdy acrylic and featuring a professional magnetic arm, these Clapper Boards are industry standard and sourced from the same company that supplies major Hollywood and UK studios and film crews. Available in two sizes, they’re easily removed are dry wipable (whiteboard markers) so you can scrawl scenes, takes and project titles on them for years, or enter your details and have them laser etched onto the board for a long lasting memento.

    All that’s left is to roll camera, and say those magic words…

    Two sizes available:
    2 sizes

    19cm wide and 18cm high

    28cm wide and 23cm high

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