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Personalised Chocolate Egg
  • Personalised Chocolate Egg
  • Personalised Chocolate Egg

Personalised Chocolate Egg

Face on your egg

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Personalised Chocolate Egg
Every Friday we bring one of our mad ideas "to life".

You can't actually buy the Personalised Chocolate Egg (yet!), but shout loud enough on our social channels and we'll seriously consider making it.

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This is only available at Firebox!
  • Send us two photos – we'll 3D print your face on an egg!
  • Crafted from stupidly delicious single-origin Peruvian chocolate
  • No wafer thin Cadbury's nonsense – our shell is 2cm thick!
  • Looks so damn beautiful you won't want to eat it


Stop buying flimsy, mass-produced rubbish! Get an ovum with a bit more oomf this Easter and immortalise your sweet cheeks (or someone else's) on a chunky chocolate egg.

We thought our Flump Face was the best thing to ever come out of a printer. We were wrong.

The Personalised Chocolate Egg is made from rich and tasty single-origin Peruvian chocolate. Unlike most easter eggs (that you can obliterate with a light pinch), thanks to the complex printing process, the chocolate of our egg is a whopping 2cm thick! It's a shame the finished creation looks so damn good – you won't want to eat it!

All you need to do is provide us with a high quality front-facing and profile photo and our chocolatiers will take care of the rest. The 'rest' being the painstaking process of modelling your face in 3D, grafting it onto a 3D egg, then printing the whole thing with a food-safe chocolate printer.

Just eggceptional!

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