Perplex City Season 1
  • Perplex City Season 1

Perplex City Season 1

Follow the white rabbit...

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Newsflash: The Cube has been found!
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New Season 2

The hotly-anticipated Second Season of Perplex City is officially released worldwide on March 1st, 2007. Click here for more information...


    Puzzles. They're a bit of a guilty pleasure, aren't they, like watching Countdown when you should be at work, or doing a wordsearch in one of those puzzle magazines that you always hide when someone else enters the room. They've been predictable and fun since you've been a kid - just like crosswords and Sudoku - but they've never been, how can we put this, cool.

    Until now that is.

    Welcome to Perplex City - a completely new type of puzzle that's starting to cause more than a stir around the world.

    Perplex City It's The Matrix meets Alice in Wonderland meets The Da Vinci Code in one of the most unusual concepts we've ever seen at Firebox. Is it a game? Is it a story? Is it a series of interlinked puzzles spanning mysterious websites, cryptic phone calls, stray emails, hidden messages and live events in random cities around the world? We're not entirely sure but we're looking forward to finding out.

    Perplex City What is known is this - a valuable object, the Receda Cube, has been stolen from a place called Perplex City and hidden somewhere on Earth. The people of Perplex City desperately need it back and have offered a reward of UK £100,000 or US $200,000 to the first person that cracks the mystery and finds it.

    This is where the puzzles come in. Created by a range of leading designers and illustrators, the Perplex City puzzle cards range in difficulty from the fun and easy to the captivatingly complex. There are beautifully crafted riddles, origami challenges, pop culture trivia, logical mindbenders, 3D mazes, Egyptian hieroglyphs and much, much more. These cards give you a window into the world of Perplex City and contain information and clues essential to unraveling the mystery and finding the missing Cube.

    Perplex City

    Perplex City New - Starter Pack
    Perplex City can be a confusing place. There's so many characters to meet, websites to visit and puzzles to solve. That's what the Starter Pack is all about, it's the perfect primer to the perplexing world of Perplex City. The box contains issue zero of Perplex magazine, ten- track CD, 2 packs of cards, a tourist guide, and even a wallet to store your growing card collection.

    This exclusive pack is the perfect gift for anyone - from the veteran player who's already hooked, to the complete beginner looking for something a little more exciting than Sudoku for the long, winter nights. Perplex City is the sort of enigma where sheer brain power isn't as valuable as creative and lateral thinking. In other words, a quick-witted child is as likely to piece the story and clues together as is a retired Maths professor.

    Perplex City Posters:

    Perplex City Posters New: A1 size posters now available! The new large sized posters are exclusive to Firebox and show the hefty reward on offer in either British pounds or American dollars.

    The original designs and artwork featured on Perplex City puzzle cards are now available to own as posters. The kind folks at Perplex City have created a range of heavy-weight posters: A1-sized reproductions of the infamous "Lost" posters, and a range of A2-sized posters of which each is an exact replica of an original puzzle card. Guaranteed to keep you thinking wherever you put it up - at work (to stop you from falling asleep) or at home (a reminder of your puzzle solving ability).

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    Perplex City Posters

    Perplex City So what will it be - the blue pill or the red pill? If you value your sanity and free-time we suggest you take the easy way out. Alternatively, step this way, your rabbit hole awaits...

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    Perplex City 256 Space Card Wallet:
    Keep your collection Perplex City Cards safe in this tough plastic wallet - big enough for all 256 cards.

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