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Perplex City Board Game
  • Perplex City Board Game

Perplex City Board Game

The world of puzzles, mystery and intrigue

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    Perplex City Board Game

    1200 Puzzle Cards

    A thrilling game of synapse-sizzling brainteasing puzzles! Test your grey matter as you challenge your friends in a delightfully devious battle of wits...

    2 to 16 players dash around the map of Perplex City, collecting puzzle stones as they solve riddles, brainteasers, anagrams and dingbats against the clock. You can unlock each stone with a different type of puzzle, and even throw down a puzzle challenge to another player - win this battle of wits to steal a stone, complete your set and claim victory!

    Perplex City Board Game

    The World of Perplex City

    As you continue on your quest to collect each colourful puzzle stone, you must solve a puzzle from its matching category: Visual, Word Play, Odd One Out, Anagrams, Number Trivia or Pot Luck. Stay tuned for future expansion packs that will add even more great puzzles to your game.

    Each game comes with:
    Perplex City Board Game

    Timer and Playing Pieces

    • 1,296 puzzles across six different categories for a variety of skill levels;
    • 24 puzzle stones and four playing pieces;
    • A timer to hurry along lazy puzzlers;
    • A beautiful 8-page booklet with instructions and more information about the world of Perplex City;
    • A board (duh!) and a die.

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