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Periodic Table of Swearing Magnets

Colourful Language

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  • Cover your fridge with organised chemical obscenities
  • Why stop at "Smeg?"
  • A rich source of expletive elements and scientific swears
  • Passive-aggressive offensiveness to maintain fridge diplomacy
  • Blunt and yet somehow beautifully poetic
Is your housemate's festering month-old sandwich producing some less than noble gasses? Now you can tell them precisely what you think of them, with the Periodic Table of Swearing Magnets.

Beautifully crass and poetic in equal measure, this comprehensive and definitive chart compiled by Modern Toss presents a boorish bounty of expletive elements and scientific swears – from your classic heavy-hitting F's and C's to more abstract discoveries such as "Buggering old twat."

Transform your uninspiring fridge into the salacious soundboard of intelligent vocabulary and passive-aggressive offensiveness necessary to maintain ruthless kitchen diplomacy.

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  • "My Dad loved these and if I didn't have small children learning to read they would be on my fridge too!"
    Samantha - 24th of June, 2015