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Periodic Table Mug
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  • Periodic Table Mug
  • Periodic Table Mug

Periodic Table Mug

Chemistry on a cuppa

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    What do boffins drink their tea from? No, not vials, test tubes or steaming Dr Jekyll-style vessels. Eggheads in the know sip from the incredibly daft Periodic Table Mug.

    As you can see, this smart ceramic mug is emblazoned with the periodic table. Yes, that periodic table! The one that shows various elements arranged in columns and rows according to their increasing atomic number. Or something like that.

    We've no idea why anyone would want to check the atomic mass of gallium whilst drinking a cuppa but each to their own. Then again, this quality mug might come in handy if you're swotting for exams or eager to deepen your understanding of chemical behaviour. Well, you never know.

    You can even carry out your own experiments using the Periodic Table Mug. We just heated 200ml of H2O to boiling point and poured it on 5mg of dehydrated coffee, 10mg of granulated sucrose and a dash of milk. Mmmm!

    An ideal gift for anyone interested in science and stuff, this info-packed vessel is a welcome change from the supposedly witty mugs used by non-science-savvy tea and coffee lovers. And who knows, it could even re-ignite your interest in all things geeky - you can study biscuit dunkability, the hilarious effects of caffeine, or even construct a sculpture of Einstein using sugar cubes. What us, bored?

    We think the Periodic Table Mug is going to be a big hit amongst mug-buying science fans across the globe. Indeed we've already taken several bulk orders from the likes of Stephen Hawking, NASA and Brains off Thunderbirds. Okay, we haven't - but we might. So hurry up and get ordering before everyone starts sipping and swotting.

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