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Period Panties
  • Period Panties
  • Period Panties
  • Period Panties
  • Period Panties
  • Period Panties

Period Panties

Bloody marvellous

  • Rainbo: First Blood L
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Rainbo: First Blood S
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Mudblood S
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Mudblood L
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Mudblood M
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Staining Things L
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Staining Things S
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Staining Things M
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Hellmuff M
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Hellmuff S
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Hellmuff L
    In Stock£12.99$16.99€14.99
  • Rainbo: First Blood M
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  • A pair of undies that affectionately says "not tonight darling"
  • Celebrate those wondrous ovaries
  • Don't wear granny pants every month, pull on something special
  • Four striking and hilarious designs
  • Black and double-layered internal crotch (naturally)
  • You'd be menstrual not to buy a pair!


Once upon a time there lived a young, independent woman who grew weary of rejecting her awesome boyfriend's charming sexual-advances during her time of the month. He didn't know she was on her period and funnily enough, she didn't feel like explaining it to him. Every. Single. Time.

At last there's a solution – Period Panties, a bright pair of undies that affectionately says "Now is really not a good time dear." Available in four striking and hilarious designs; including Staining Things and Rainbo: First Blood, these comfy knickers are practical too with a black, double-layered inner crotch and front panel.

They're a proud celebration of those glorious ovaries – just because you're on your period, it doesn't mean you have to wear that wretched pair of old granny pants. Stick it to Aunt Ruby and pull on something special instead.
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59 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "I have been buying these every year for the last 3 years as presents and everyone thinks they are fantastic, well made and very funny."
    - 28th of November, 2018
  • "Bought for the Mrs who pulled a rite jib when 1st sight but since weather them their her go to pants, period!"
    - 17th of November, 2018
  • "Awesome! Haha "
    - 14th of November, 2018
  • "Excellent service good product very happy "
    - 22nd of October, 2018
  • "These are the best, why a designer has not created Y-Fronts for women before, I have NO idea! These are quality, hold me all together Genius"
    Staci - 19th of October, 2018