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Performance Golf Massage Kit
  • Performance Golf Massage Kit

Performance Golf Massage Kit

Loosen your swing

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    close-up of a massage tool


    At first glance, golf doesn’t look particularly strenuous (unless you count the effort required to carry off those trousers). But watch a golfer tee off and, if done correctly, you’ll see a skillful demonstration of power, speed and control – which doesn’t come overnight and certainly doesn’t come naturally. Getting there can be tough and after a gruelling 18 holes you can be aching in areas you never knew existed.

    TP-2 Ball - pecs

    Massaging the pecs

    Quadballer quads

    Working the front thigh

    TP-2 Ball back

    Soothing the back

    So the next time you overdo it (or you feel yourself tightening up), put the Performance Golf Massage Kit to work. This complete set of tools will work every muscle group that you use in the sport, including the Soleus, Gastrocnemius, Quadriceps, Psoas, Piriformis, Lats, Pecs and Thoracic Spine. It’s great for easing tight muscles, soothing aches, and loosening joints. Plus you don’t need a masseur or masseuse to do it (sorry).

    Just make some space at home, follow the instructions in the included Golf Guidebook and work each muscle group in turn. And you can forget candles and aromatherapy. This deep-tissue treatment is as gruelling and merciless as the game itself. But if you can muscle through the giggle/pain barrier you’ll be back to your swinging self in no time. Now, about those trousers...

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