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Perfect Sit Up
  • Perfect Sit Up

Perfect Sit Up

Maximise your mat work

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    coaching system

    The coaching system clicks to let you know when you've completed a rep

    We know how to do sit-ups – it just involves sitting up, right? We’ve been doing that for years! Well, as it happens we don’t know how. At least, not in a way that will exercise all four of our core muscle groups. Which is where the Perfect Sit Up comes in.

    Designed by a former US Navy SEAL, this simple-looking setup ensures a perfect sit up every time, reduces the risk of back or neck injury and gives you a complete core workout. Just strap your feet in, lay back on the padded mat and grasp the handles either side of your head. As you perform a sit up your neck will be supported, your back will remain aligned and the machine will even click (don’t worry, it’s not you) when you’ve reached the perfect range of motion.

    Guy using the machine

    This versatile kit can be used in a variety of ways

    on it's own

    The simple way to a flat stomach

    It’s a brilliant way to perfect your technique and really get the most out of your gym time. And it’s small enough to hang up out of the way at home, or slide away out of sight. Well, you learn something new every day...

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