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What's a misplaced 'r' between friends?

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    Lovable loon, bonkers Bond girl and occasional chanteuse, Grace Jones, once sang 'I'm not perfect, but I'm perfect for you'. You could almost say the same about this amusing little enamel badge, only it is perfect. That's because it ingeniously plays on the word 'prefect' by moving the r around to spell 'perfect'.

    Better still, it looks just like one of those Grange Hill-style prefect badges proudly worn on the lapels of swots and know-it-alls up and down the nation.

    Perfect Badge Of course, unless you really were a prefect at school (in which case you're probably still a bit full of yourself) you wouldn't want to award yourself with a badge proclaiming your flawlessness. That's why the Perfect Badge makes an ideal romantic gift for anyone who takes your fancy. And even if you don't currently have the hots for anyone in particular, the discreet Perfect Badge is a great buy as it also doubles up as an ironic gift for the office smarty-pants.

    Fashioned in gleaming enamel with a sturdy pin on the back, the Perfect Badge is top of the class in terms of quality and it's guaranteed to bring the memories flooding back, as it looks exactly like the kind of item you might find in a drawer full of swimming badges, school reports and broken protractors. Delivered in a stylish black box, the Perfect Badge makes an excellent gift.

    Perfect Badge

    If you haven't got a way with words, fear not; the Perfect Badge has. And who knows, if you play your cards right and give it to the right person you could even avoid detention and get a snog behind the bike sheds. Class dismissed!

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