Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Pepper Mongers Cracking Pepper

Beat the daily grind

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  • Stop covering your food in second-rate pepper
  • Indulge in an astoundingly delicious seasoning experience
  • Two uniquely flavoursome packs to choose from
  • Each pack contains three resealable foil pouches
We're sorry to inform you that you've been living a lie. Your whole life has been spent covering (ruining) your exquisite dishes with sub-standard pepper. It's high time you sprinkled your food with this Peppermongers Cracking Pepper and started enjoying an exotic and profoundly flavoursome seasoning experience.

There's two distinctive varieties to choose from – the Classic, which contains premium renditions of peppers that you probably already know and love; and the Exotic pack, which is home to three curious and unique tasting peppers that are as much a feast for the eyes as they are your palate, just look at that Indonesian Long Pepper!

Each stylish cardboard gift pack contains three resealable foil pouches of gourmet pepper; and you can either add them to a regular mill or pulverise them into a texture of your choice with a pestle and mortar.

Beat the daily grind with these exceptionally bizarre and astonishingly delicious pepper selections.

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