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      Trading cards have long been the domain of super heroes, film stars, and other assorted celebrities, but who wants to hear kids blathering on about special powers, biggest grossing films, and platinum discs? What we want are genuine people, stats fans. People with ordinary hobbies and ordinary lives, people who say things like 'what the heck!' and 'gee whiz' a little too often for comfort, people who enjoy dressing up as wizards, cheerleaders, and Anne Robinson... Actually, we'll pass on the Anne Robinson-a-likes if itÂ’s all the same to you.

      Reality is what PeopleCards deliver in spades... Who wants to read about Madonna and Guy Ritchie when you can speculate on the chances of George E. Martin of North Smithfield and Shella Smith of Cleveland Ohio ever meeting? Not us, thatÂ’s for sure.

      With each pack of PeopleCards you meet seven people and one artist, who according to conventional wisdom, have no business being on high-quality collectible trading cards.

      Like traditional Top Trumps and Baseball Cards before them, each PeopleCard features a character and some vital statistics. In the case of PeopleCards you get their Photo, Age, Location, State of Mind, Motto and a list of their Favourites (Movies/Books/Colour/Drink/Habits, etc). Their content ranges from the sublime through ridiculous to downright scary... Timothy McKee's motto is to "Invite and cherish genuineness"; Richard Rovine (aka "Big Rich") lists his favourite place as "The Cellar". Some of the photos truly defy description (see below).

      These are real people with unique personalities, odd quirks, strong opinions, bad habits and more appeal than you could ever imagine.

      History has proven that conventional wisdom is overrated. Collect all 120 cards and let PeopleCards show you why...

      Example Cards...

      Dennis Soper
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      David J. Chmiel
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