Pentax Optio WG1GPS
  • Pentax Optio WG1GPS

Pentax Optio WG1GPS

From big hits to tiny shots

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    Bundle the Pentax Optio WG1GPS in your backpack before you troop into the wilderness, and you’ll be ready to capture everything from huge views to tiny details. With enough rugged features to stand up to the toughest of action shoots, this stylish camera also features a built in digital microscope for extreme close-ups.

    Pentax Optio WG1GPS Pentax Optio WG1GPS Pentax Optio WG1GPS

    waterproof to 10m

    drop-proof from up to 1.5m

    crush-proof up to 100kg

    Pentax Optio WG1GPS

    resistant to temperatures as low as -10°

    Looking like a piece of extreme sports kit itself, this virtually indestructible camera is waterproof to 10m. So you can happily wade under waterfalls, plunge into pools or just take photos in the driving rain. The airtight seals stop any dirt and mud from getting into the inner workings. Plus, the tough outer casing makes it drop-proof from up to 1.5m and crush-proof up to 100kg. The resilient little snapper is even resistant to temperatures as low as -10°, so it’s perfect for throwing around on the piste.

    The Pentax Optio WG1GPS is first and foremost a precision-quality 14MP camera – the high performance PENTAX 6.7x digital zoom lens gives focal lengths from 28mm wide angle to 140mm telephoto. What’s more, engage the Macroshoot function and you can shoot miniscule objects from as close as 1cm away. Just flick on the five built-in LED Macrolights to perfectly illuminate your subject. It even comes with a Macro Stand to prevent blurriness.

    Pentax Optio WG1GPS
    Is that all? Goodness, no! This sensational camera will also let you shoot full 1280 x 720 pixel HD movies – so you can take part in a water fight and film it at the same time, or track your progress from the top of a black run to the bar at the bottom. The triple anti-shake protection will make sure you keep a steady shot – even if you’re jittering about – and the built-in geotagging function will prove you were there!

    Pentax Optio WG1GPS

    A must-have for all extreme sports fans, mountaineers and unstoppable adventurers, the Pentax Optio WG1GPS packs incredible functionality and high performance into one stunning package.

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