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Do the twist, Swedish style

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    Isn't it tedious when guests ask you to crack out your strategic board games? Not because you don't like playing them but because you can't be bothered explaining the rules. And then explaining the rules. And then explaining...well, you know where we're coming from.

    That's why you'll love Pentago. This multi award-winning game is so easy to get to grips with even a complete dolt can play straight away. But that's not to say they can win, because Pentago is a game with a twist - literally.

    Pentago - XL Multiplayer!

    XL- Multiplayer Version

    The idea is to get five marbles in a row, noughts and crosses-styley. But - and here's the twist - every time you place a marble you have to rotate one of the board's playing blocks. This makes the game totally unpredictable because turning the blocks constantly changes the position of your marbles. One false move and you could inadvertently shift your opponent into a winning position.

    Pentago's simple but ever-changing gameplay has already proved a big hit in its native Sweden. And those Swedes know a thing or two about incomprehensible switcheroo formations - isn't that right, Sven?

    Talking of Sweden, we reckon Pentago is almost as baffling as trying to find the exit at everyone's favourite flat-packed furniture store. Indeed Pentago is so cerebrally challenging Mensa honoured it with their Select Award in 2006. And they don't hand those out willy nilly.

    Available in two or four player editions, Pentago is the perfect coffee table plaything, as its clean Swedish-styling looks as good as it plays. What's more, each game only lasts around 10-20 minutes - no protracted snoozefests here. So hurry up and get ordering before the whole world goes Pentago potty. As they say in Sweden: Gå som katten kring het gröt. (Walk like the cat around hot porridge).

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