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Penis Pokey

The Hole-y Book

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Penis Pokey
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Defile Complete each scene – with your penis
  • Feels strangely liberating
  • Contains no nudity, profanity or sexual material of any kind
  • Feel free to judge this book by its cover (and large glory hole)
  • A classic Dick-ins Novel


As if there weren't enough fun places to put a penis already – now you can slide your slender genitals through the welcoming cardboard pages of Penis Pokey.

This cheeky picture book has a generous die-cut hole in its centre, and each double page spread features a lively full-colour illustration with one key element missing – a banana, a sea serpent, a fire hose... you get the idea.

It's then up to you to complete the scene using the equipment that god gave you (a penis definitely works best).

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6 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Bought for a friend. Their face when opening was priceless. Such a funny book! Well made and easily cleaned lol. "
    Sarah - 3rd of January, 2018
  • "Great present, family thought it was hilarious! "
    Megan - 2nd of January, 2018
  • "Hilarious gift! Even when things got a bit tense and we thought an a&e trip might be needed to free willy!!! Well worth the buy. "
    Dominique - 29th of December, 2017
  • "Hilarious! I bought three, for my friends, but everyone in the office is off to get their own copy too! "
    Lauren - 21st of December, 2017
  • "Can’t wait to use this had me in stitches before and I’m sure it will when Used "
    Vicky - 13th of December, 2017