Pee and Poo Duo Plush Pack

Bog Standard Toys

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  • Snuggle up with a droplet of urine and a clump of excrement
  • Take care of these plush and cuddly toilet escapees
  • Perfect potty-training inspiration for children
  • The only time you'll want pee and poo in your bed
Who knew that a droplet of urine and a large clump of excrement could be so adorable? Perhaps it's the little feet and hands, the longing look in their eyes, or the fact that you can handle them without needing to promptly sanitise your hands.

What we do know is; whoever created this cute and cuddly Pee and Poo Duo has not drunk nearly enough water, and enjoys a rich fibrous diet. What an exceptional pair of specimens.

Adopt these lovable toilet escapees today and it'll be the only time you actually want to have a pee and a poo in your bed.

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