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Pebble SmartSkin for iPad
  • Pebble SmartSkin for iPad

Pebble SmartSkin for iPad

Seriously powerful case

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    Pebble SmartSkin for iPad

    Includes a neoprene carry sleeve

    If you’re forever fiddling with your iPad on the fly, the last thing you want is to run out of juice or *gasp* damage its gorgeously sleek casing. So why not avoid both via the ingenious Pebble SmartSkin.

    This powerful 6000mah battery charger is cunningly disguised as a super soft protective silicone skin. Simply swathe it around your iPad and it will double its battery life, giving a whopping 500 extra hours of standby time. Think of it as a protective power suit for your new best friend. We’ll even throw in a sexy neoprene sleeve for additional protection.

    Pebble SmartSkin for iPad

    Access all the controls

    Charge with USB

    Battery indicator lights

    As you’d expect, the SmartSkin allows access to all the iPad’s functions. Just juice it up before you leave and relax, safe in the knowledge you’ll be boring/impressing the pants off all and sundry for hours on end. In fact with this much power you could even use your iPad to do some work. Hmmm…

    Pebble SmartSkin for iPad

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