Pebble Pro Netbook Charger
  • Pebble Pro Netbook Charger

Pebble Pro Netbook Charger

Just as mini, even mightier

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    charging iPhone

    Charge your phone too!

    Laptops and netbooks are wonderfully lightweight and versatile gadgets. But all these portable credentials go out the window when you have to pack loads of power cables with them. But now there’s a way to pack light and still get hours out of your portable PC. The Pebble Pro Netbook Charger is a serious bit of kit for anyone who owns a laptop, netbook, tablet, iPhone, smartphone, or any USB gadget. And that means you!

    Just like its little brother, the Pebble Portable, the larger rubbery Pebble Pro will fit easily in a bag. And with its meaty 13,200mAh battery it can charge an iPhone over ten times and a standard netbook for five hours or more! In fact when it comes to power storage this smart oojamiflip beats similarly priced chargers hands down.

    Phone connectors

    Phone/Laptop connectors (see compatibility list below)

    USB powered, this soon-to-be essential travelling companion even features a nifty charge indicator so you can see how much juice you’re packing. Take it to festivals, on Jack Bauer-style days out, or simply pop it in your satchel wherever you may roam. Juicy, real juicy!

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