Peavey Marvel Rockmaster Guitars
  • Peavey Marvel Rockmaster Guitars

Peavey Marvel Rockmaster Guitars

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    Shred those solos in style

    Forget flight, super strength and laser vision. As far as we’re concerned, being able to play an electric guitar is a superpower. Equal parts awesome, unfathomable and enviable; it’s a skill worthy of any comic book hero. No wonder David Bowie spent so much of his career in spandex.

    So you can imagine our barely concealed squeals of delight when we discovered that these two worlds have finally been brought together. In a move as ingenious as Tony Stark’s mechanical suit, Peavey Marvel Rockmaster Guitars blend everyone’s favourite Avengers with Peavey’s legendary craftsmanship.

    Captain America artwork

    Captain America version


    Officially licensed!

    Iron Man artwork

    Iron Man version

    No, sadly, these full-sized electric guitars don’t fire bolts of energy. Nor do they return to your hand when thrown at your enemies (we tried). But they do have Marvel’s iconic superheroes splashed across the basswood body. Rendered in high gloss and exquisite detail, they’re a great way to wow the crowd before you’ve even played a note.

    Completing this heroic package, Peavey Marvel Rockmaster Guitars also come with a selection of picks and a strap – perfect for slinging your guitar over your back when you need to fight off hired goons, accept medals for bravery, or swing to freedom. Excelsior!

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