Peavey Marvel Junior Acoustic Guitar
  • Peavey Marvel Junior Acoustic Guitar

Peavey Marvel Junior Acoustic Guitar

Spider-man, Spider-maaan...

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    Throughout the superhero universe, there aren’t many characters who fight crime with music. Which is a shame because we’ve thought up all sorts of brilliant names: Paradiddle, Arpeggion, Stone’enge, The Warbler... oh alright, perhaps the chaps at Marvel and DC really do know best.

    But music can be a powerful weapon in the fight for truth and justice. Just ask Bob Geldof. So why not get your own little superheroes started early with the Peavey Marvel Junior Acoustic Guitar. Officially licensed by Stan and the gang at Marvel, this carefully crafted instrument is ideal for first timers and experienced young hands alike. And being made by Peavey, it’s built to last.

    Captain America artwork

    Captain America version


    Officially licensed!

    Spider-Man artwork

    Spider-Man version

    Made from basswood with a hardwood neck this fully functioning guitar is easy to play and keep in tune. The headstock features a removable cover (also emblazoned with your friendly neighbourhood superheroes) to protect small hands from the sharp string ends. Simply pop it off when you need to restring and pop it back on again.

    Completing this heroic package, the Peavey Marvel Junior Acoustic Guitar also comes with a selection of Peavey picks and a Marvel strap – perfect for slinging your guitar over your back when you need to fight off hired goons, accept medals for bravery, or swing to freedom. Excelsior!

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