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Peavey Marvel 3/4 Electric Guitars
  • Peavey Marvel 3/4 Electric Guitars

Peavey Marvel 3/4 Electric Guitars

With great power chords...

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    size scale

    Great size for budding Dave Grohl's

    It’s a shame superheroes and music don’t come together more often. Sure, it’s difficult to express in a comic book, but who wouldn’t want to see Wonder Woman playing the spoons or Superman singing a dirty sea shanty? Just us then. Well despite Stan and the gang’s reluctance to make our dreams come true, you can now treat your own young superheroes to a Marvel/music mashup of their own.

    Peavey Marvel 3/4 Electric Guitars are the ideal instruments for beginners and experienced young hands alike. And since they’re crafted by legendary guitar-makers Peavey, they’re built to last.

    Captain America artwork

    Captain America version


    Officially licensed!

    Spider-Man artwork

    Spider-Man version

    With a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard this fully functioning guitar is easy to play and keep in tune. But it’s the high gloss drawings of everyone’s favourite neighbourhood superheroes, splashed across the basswood body, that make these instruments stand apart from the crowd. Fully licensed by Marvel and expertly rendered in crystal clear detail, they’re guaranteed to knock an audience for six before you turn it up to eleven.

    Completing this heroic package, Peavey Marvel 3/4 Electric Guitars also come with a selection of picks and a strap – perfect for slinging your guitar over your back when you need to fight off hired goons, accept medals for bravery, or swing to freedom. Excelsior!

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