Pearl Dust
  • Pearl Dust

Pearl Dust

100% pure

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  • High-grade pearl dust
  • 100% pure (no brickdust)
  • Stored in a chic canister
  • Light up your love life!


Pearls were originally believed to be droplets of moonlight, or tears of the gods and have long been associated with beauty, power and special evening necklaces. Indeed, these coveted little spheres of pleasure have been revered as potent aphrodisiacs for aeons.

But when you think about it, they're the byproduct of oysters' eating habits and either way, choking on a marble-sized ball is hardly sexy.

Luckily, if you pound pearls into a fine dust they can be sprinkled quickly and easily into a delicious array of food and drink, and apparently, the uplifting effect is even more compelling.

This all-natural, edible Pearl Dust is derived from hand-crushed Chinese and Japanese pearls, and arrives in a chic glass vial. It really is the classiest condiment we've ever seen!

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