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Pearl Boba Tea Airpod Case
  • Pearl Boba Tea Airpod Case
  • Pearl Boba Tea Airpod Case
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Pearl Boba Tea Airpod Case

Pearl protection

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Pearl Boba Tea Airpod Case
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  • Keep your Airpods safe in this adorable pearl boba tea
  • Your wireless earphones will never get lost in this case
  • Much cuter than the boring old white one they came with
  • Compatible with Apple Airpods Gen 1 and 2
  • Much safer than dunking your Airpods in a real boba tea


Airpods: so expensive, so precious… and so easy to lose. If you’re flying caseless, you’re basically guaranteed to lose at least one.

Luckily, this adorable little pearl boba case will keep them earphones safe and sound in its milky innards. Don’t worry, there’s no liquid involved - it’s made of soft, protective silicone with a hard inner bit to make sure your Airpods are kept in mint condition, no matter how much wear and tear they get on your travels. They go inside your ears after all, you don’t want them harbouring all your bag crumbs and pocket lint!

Sure, you can’t drink this boba, but with that cute little face and all those protective benefits, it’s almost as good as the real thing in your hand. Almost.

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  • "Nice bubble tea, its fit!"
    - 11th of June, 2020