Pearl Bath Lights
  • Pearl Bath Lights

Pearl Bath Lights

Rub a dub dub, cool lights in the tub

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    Having a bath isn't really about getting clean, it's about relaxing. After all, soaking yourself in a bubbly broth of dirt, surfactant and bodily bleurgh is hardly hygienic, is it? No, we lie in the tub to switch off from the outside world and ponder life, the universe and our handyman's inability to grout round the basin properly. And now, thanks to your squeaky-clean friends at Firebox, you can achieve even deeper levels of relaxation with Pearl Bath Lights.

    Pearl Bath Lights

    Pulsing through a rainbow
    of relaxing colours

    These buoyant balls of light are guaranteed to give bath time a psychedelic spa-style vibe as they float around pulsing through a rainbow of relaxing colors. Simply pop them in the tub and the second they hit the water a clever sensor triggers the ever-changing light show. It's like bathing in a bowl of electric relaxation soup.

    Pearl Bath Lights

    Pop them in the tub

    To complete your journey into H20-heaven we suggest you switch off the main light and put on a bit of that plinkity-plink music you always hear in spas. As the Pearl Bath Lights bob across your steaming sea of bubbles you could be in Bali, not the bathroom. Ommmm! And if you squint hard enough and really recline in the water it looks as if you're surrounded by an armada of color-shifting unidentified floating objects. Well, kind of.

    Pearl Bath Lights

    On/Off switch

    Even if your bathroom is a little dilapidated, with the lights off and a few Pearl Bath Lights bobbing around, you'll soon forget about the mold over the faucet and the rusty, scummy soap dish. And if your bathroom is some kind of über-chic, designer hotel style deal, Pearl Bath Lights will only make it feel even smarter. It's a win-win scenario any way you slice it.

    Pearl Bath Lights


    Costing less than a decent bottle of bubble bath, Pearl Bath Lights are destined to become bathroom essentials for anyone who's enjoys zoning-out in the water. And that, dear bather, means you. So bid farewell to boring baths and hit the Buy button. Splosh!

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