Patch Birdhouse
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Patch Birdhouse

Big finch, little finch, cool bird box

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    Close up of adjustable hole

    Adjustable entrance hole

    Not only does the Patch Birdhouse add a safe place in your garden for feathered friends to nest, but this stylish treetop hideaway also has an adjustable entrance hole – simply rotate the dial around it and the entrance hole will change size, just like the aperture of a camera.

    How is this useful? Well, we can choose which plants are allowed in our garden (and which ones are hoiked out), we can decide how long the grass grows, and we can make sure the resident gnome population doesn’t get out of hand. But when it comes to visiting wildlife, we don’t have quite as much control. Sure, we’d like to see a whole variety of smaller, native birds flying around our gardens, but they can often be chased off by bigger boys like crows, pigeons and... erm.. ducks.

    The wall mounts

    Mount bracket

    The Patch Birdhouse gives smaller birds a safe place to hide, rest or nest in your garden – encouraging more of them to visit. And with its adjustable entrance, you can specify quite how many species can be allowed in.

    The simple plastic design is easy to assemble, with secure fittings that will hold together through rough weather (or an attack by ducks). The coated plastic finish also makes it virtually maintenance free. Simply hang it in your garden, set the aperture of the entrance and leave nature to discover it.

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