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Party Treat Ball
  • Party Treat Ball

Party Treat Ball

Wave for the snacks

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    Motion sensor dispenser!

    It’s a common misconception that the average bowl of complimentary bar snacks contains more harmful bacteria than Wayne Rooney’s flannel; but it’s still enough to make you think twice. Goodness knows who’s been rummaging about in those nuts (we're back on bar snacks). And where their hands have been between mouthfuls.

    And the same goes for any communal sweets and snacks, whether you’re in public or not. We’re not saying you’re a grubby lot, but didn’t Uncle Cuthbert just sneeze into his hand? Hasn’t he been scoffing that popcorn you’ve been handing round? Never mind challenging your immune system, that’s just nasty.

    Well we’ve found a bright and colourful way to banish your germophobic woes and still keep your snacks communal. The Party Treat Ball will dispense anything from peanuts to gumballs and all by simply holding out your hand. The motion sensor inside the built-in chute detects your waiting hand and dispenses the ideal amount of scoffable treats into it.

    Portion sizings

    Decide your portion size

    How large a handful is up to you. Set it to Small, Large or Bowl-sized to make dishing out fair portions a doddle. It’s great when you have hundreds of kids running around, all clamouring for their fair share of snacks; and a great way to control the portions you’re eating. After all, if you have a whole bowl of peanuts in front of you, what's to stop you scoffing the lot?

    And speaking of working your way through it, when it’s finally time to refill the Party Treat Ball, simply remove the top and pour in your snacks. With room for over a litre of goodies it’s great for parties and other gatherings. We recommend Candy Corn or Pretzel M&Ms, but feel free to experiment. Literally, go nuts.

    With loads of tasty options at your disposal the Party Treat Ball is a great way to dish out treats, and keep your snacks safe from germy fingers. High fives all round! Now wash your hands.

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