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Party Cannon

Celebrate good times, come on!

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    How do you celebrate special, never-to-be-repeated occasions in style? Yes, we suppose you could pull your pants down, jump up on the table and start screaming like a banshee. But that's not what we had in mind. No, we think one of the best ways to add a bit of oomph to proceedings is to hurl confetti all over the place. Because for some unfathomable reason, filling the air with itty bits of colourful paper always seems to elicit plenty of oohs, aahs and guffaws.

    The trouble is chucking confetti by hand is a rather haphazard business; there's such a fine line between a pathetic sprinkling and a massive mushful of shredded paper - especially if you've just inadvertently lobbed it in the bride's face.

    Party Cannon

    Party Cannon For this reason you need to get hold of a few Party Cannons. Measuring a lofty 40cm, these ingenious tubular devices will blast their colourful salvos of confetti up to 8 metres in the air. Simply tear off the gold arrow band, twist the base and Kerpow! - compressed air instantly blasts the papery payload skywards.

    Party Cannon Ideal for celebrating wondergoals, weddings, birthdays, exam success, sporting triumph, good news, or just life in general, Party Cannons are guaranteed to impress. What's more, the powerful compressed air delivery system ensures everyone in the immediate vicinity gets a good old bonceful of shredded paper.

    The only downside is that each Party Cannon delivers but a single shot. But what a fantastically bombastic shot it is! And that's all the more reason to buy a few. We're obviously biased but we think carrying a Party Cannon should be compulsory, especially during big sporting events (and you all know which one we're talking about). So hurry up and hit Add to Cart or you'll be the only Party-Cannon-less saddo in town. Kaboom!

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