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Party Bot

    Party Bot

    It's a home help Jim, but not as we know it!

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      Buck Rogers had to wait until the 25th century to get his, whilst Jabba the Hutt simply nicked Luke Skywalker's, screwed a drinks tray onto its head and shoved it on a huge levitating sand barge! What are we talking about? Why, electronic manservants, of course. We've all dreamt of having our own android butler. After all, robo-lackeys don't answer back and their chips are on their circuitboards, not their shoulders. Sadly, most cyber-domestics we've encountered have been about as useful as custard cardigans - until now.

      Party Bot is the ultimate pre-programmable electronic helper and he's guaranteed to give your soirées a sprinkling of ultra-modernity: he can transport your drinks and ciggies; entertain guests with his blinking eyes and moving ears; and he'll even do a spot of sweeping up, via his handy underside brushes. In fact, if he could chuck out rowdy guests, he'd be perfect. As it is, he's the ideal counter to the "robots are rubbish" brigade and is bound to become a cybernetic object of desire amongst slovenly sybarites everywhere.

      This Man Friday of the future ("Bot Friday", maybe?) is great for parties and even better for intimate evenings in, when it's just you, the TV and a few cold ones. Alright, so Party Bot can't really do as much as a human helper, but at least he won't start changing channels, eating your nibbles and pilfering your pilsner.

      Operated by an outlandish looking infrared remote control unit, this impossibly cute, hyper-intelligent party droid is simple to manoeuvre and even features a demo mode so you can see exactly what he's capable of right away. Party Bot really is the perfect companion for gadget-loving loafers with a penchant for Jetsons-style TV shows. (Space age apartment and white Lycra leisure suit not included).

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