Parrot Rolling Spider
  • Parrot Rolling Spider
  • Parrot Rolling Spider
  • Parrot Rolling Spider
  • Parrot Rolling Spider

Parrot Rolling Spider

Acrobatic Android Arachnid

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  • An ultra-compact and nimble drone controlled by your smartphone
  • Flies indoors and outdoors with surprising speed and stability
  • Take photos with the embedded 360px mini-camera
  • Carry out reckless mid-air manoeuvres and acrobatics
  • Detachable wheels for driving on the floor, walls and ceiling!
  • Reaches zippy speeds of up to 18km/h


No, it's not a rare, jungle-dwelling arachnid with a penchant for catching colourful birds, the Parrot Rolling Spider is an ultra-compact and nimble drone that you control with your smartphone.

It's six times lighter than the original AR Drone yet it possesses all the same incredible flight stability thanks to an intelligent autopilot based on a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer. The exclusive free-fall take-off mode fires up the engines as soon as you drop it – even the most haphazard of pilot woulds have trouble crashing it!

Able to reach top speeds of 18 km/h; you can attach a set of removable wheels to cruise along floors, walls and ceilings, or take to the skies and carry out a series of audacious mid-air acrobatics using the free FreeFlight 3 app. Perform half and u-turns with just a single swipe, execute front and rear loops in one click. Best of all you can snap up the all the action on the embedded 360px mini-camera.

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