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Parrot Bebop Drone
  • Parrot Bebop Drone

Parrot Bebop Drone

Steady as she goes

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  • Stable and clear aerial footage regardless of the drone's movements
  • Easily controlled via your smartphone or tablet
  • 14 megapixel fisheye camera that shoots full HD 1080p video
  • Internal technology delivers undistorted images every time
  • Lightweight but incredibly robust, built for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ready-to-fly out of the box!


If you've ever salivated over those gorgeous sweeping shots of sunny beaches, snowy mountain tops and euphoric festival crowds and thought to yourself "I've got to have a go at that" – now you can, with the Parrot Bebop Drone.

With the built-in 14 megapixel fisheye camera, you can record HD videos and capture pictures in a 180° field of view with astounding image quality. Whereas most action cameras show distorted lines and bulbous horizons, this powerful Drone uses a myriad of internal tech to deliver clear, undistorted images every time. The lens is splash and dust proof too so it'll stand up to even the most fearsome elements.

It's controlled via your smartphone or tablet, but rather than jittering about the sky like some sort of drunken kestrel, the Bebop drone combines an array of sensors and technology to offer incredible stability without compromising on manoeuvrability. A 3-axes accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, one ultrasound sensor with an 8 metre reach, one pressure sensor and a vertical camera to track the speed – good luck overturning this one or trying to take a blurred photo.

As a package it's considerably cheaper than splashing out on a dSLR camera and a drone that's powerful enough to carry it – the quality is just as good, if not better thanks to all the stability and anti-distortion enhancements. So if you're looking to capture stunning aerial views and create smooth sweeping shots, take to the skies with the Parrot Bebop Drone.

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