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Parrot AR Drone
  • Parrot AR Drone

Parrot AR Drone

The next gen RC chopper

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    Parrot AR Drone

    Control via your iPhone! (or iPad / iPod Touch!)

    Are you sitting down? Of course you are. No one surfs the interweb standing up – that’s like sneezing with your eyes open. Well if for some reason you happen to be standing, take a load off for a moment. Because we’re about to show you a flying toy so cool it makes standard RC helicopters look like paper aeroplanes.

    With four independently-powered leaf blowers – sorry, propellers – two built-in cameras and a smorgasborg of futuristic gadgetry packed into its carbon fibre frame, the Parrot AR Drone is the most intuitive remote controlled flyer we’ve ever seen. But the best part is that this high tech quadricopter is controlled entirely from your iPhone!

    Parrot AR Drone

    Different colour hulls available: Orange/Yellow, Orange /Blue, Orange/Green

    Parrot AR Drone

    Download the AR.Drone App Games or Control with Free Flight App

    Also compatible with iPads and iPod Touches, the free app lets you stream live video from the AR Drone’s built-in cameras straight to your screen. When you want take off, just press the onscreen “Take Off” button. The AR Drone will rise into the air of its own accord and stop at a predetermined height. From that point it’s down to you.

    Parrot AR Drone

    Steamline outdoor hull

    Tilt your iPhone forwards and the drone will move forwards. Tilt it left to move left. Right to move right. A control wheel on the iPhone’s screen lets you rotate the AR Drone 360 degrees in the air, while another lets you control your height. Need to land? Let the software do it for you! Hit “Land” and the AR Drone will gently touch down – no more ungainly bump-landings so typical with other RC choppers.

    To get around any connection hiccups, the AR Drone generates its own WiFi hotspot – so communication with your iPhone is incredibly fast and responsive. The app will even let you display augmented reality games over the top of your live video feed, so rather than just watching where you’re flying, you can engage virtual robots, or even challenge other AR Drones to an aerial dogfight! Pelt them with volleys of machine-gun fire, launch missiles, and watch them get blown to digital smithereens – all via your iPhone’s screen. Chase each other through the park or turn your office into a combat zone – with a range of up to 50m you’ll have plenty of space to stand and fight; or turn and run!
    Parrot AR Drone

    Contents: Indoor hull, outdoor hull, battery, charger.

    Finally, the AR Drone comes with two interchangeable hull designs. The rugged Full Hull gives more protection when space is tight; while the more aerodynamic Streamlined Hull is lighter, for greater manoeuvrability outdoors. Either way, the polypropylene foam used in both designs gives a lightweight but robust feel to your drone – so it’ll take a few knocks and bumps without any problems. Although it might be worth you visiting the Pilot’s Academy on Parrot’s website first!

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