Parrot AR Drone Race Sets
  • Parrot AR Drone Race Sets

Parrot AR Drone Race Sets

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    The Race Donut

    Flying through the Race Donut

    You must have heard about the Parrot AR Drone by now. The incredible RC augmented reality phenomenon? No? Well then read here before you go any further. Up to speed? Smashing, we’ll go on then.

    The Parrot AR Drone Race Set features two freestanding inflatable pylons with a finish line and an inflatable donut (available separately). It’s the first bit of kit to have been designed specifically for your AR Drone and works with a new AR Race app, available on the AR Drone website.

    The Race Donut

    Steer through the Race Pylons!

    Powered by this new app, the AR Drone can detect the finish line as it flies over it. So now you can build any kind of course you like and accurately measure the time it takes you to get around it. Test your skills or challenge your friends to time trial races. Just don’t get distracted by the donut. Mmm... donut.
    On the beach racing

    Beach race!

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