Parking Meter Alarm
  • Parking Meter Alarm

Parking Meter Alarm

Beat the meter

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    A picture of the opened Parking Meter Alarm with cash inside

    Keep your Pounds handy

    Unless you are fluent in Jobsworth-ese and possess the diplomatic skills of Kofi Annan, entering into a disagreement with a traffic warden is a bit like repeatedly smashing your head into a brick wall whilst the council picks your pocket.

    No, dear road user, the trick is to avoid getting a ticket in the first place. Unfortunately the jackbooted powers-that-be are hell-bent on making this virtually impossible. And that’s why you need a Parking Meter Alarm dangling from your keyring.

    As well as providing spring-loaded storage space for five £1 coins, this pocket-sized gizmo features a handy 24hr countdown alarm, making it ideal for those of us who can never remember how much time we have left on those hateful money-munching meters. Hmmm…was it 2.15 or 2.25?

    Just think, with a Parking Meter Alarm in your pocket you’ll always have a bit of shrapnel on hand, so never again will you be forced to run to the nearest corner shop in search of cheapo chewing gum. And once you’ve set that trusty countdown alarm, you can relax and go about your business, safe in the knowledge it will bleep you before those spiteful wardens get their pound of flesh.

    A perfect gift for anyone who no longer wishes to debate the inequity of the local authority’s parking system with a nice Angolan man who’s only doing his job (and counting his commission), the Parking Meter Alarm is destined to become an essential accessory for anyone who drives a car. And that means you. So get ordering before…oh no, we forgot…aargh, he’s already writing a ticket! Noooo!

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