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Papier Noir
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Papier Noir

Black to basics

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    We love everyday essentials with a trendy twist. And they don't come much more essential than loo roll. (At least we hope they don't). But how do you make bog-standard toilet paper trendy? No, you don't draw designer logos on it with toothpaste and glitter (ouch!). You make it black like Papier Noir.

    Papier Noir
    This über-chic toilet tissue is set to take the botty-wiping world by storm because it's completely jet black - right down to the cardboard roll. Yes, we know you can buy loo roll in baby blue, pink and peach, but style-savvy toilet-goers wouldn't dream of sullying their designer loos with anything so naff.

    So why is black loo roll so ridiculously stylish? We don't know. It just is. Shove a roll of Renova Black in your bathroom and it adds an instant designer vibe. But don't just take our word for it; chi chi clubs and hotels across the globe are racing to replace their white rolls with Papier Noir. And so should you. Newspaper blurb claims this super hip toilet tissue can be used as a 'symbolic object of counterculture'. Maybe, but we prefer to use it to joosh up the bathroom. And the obvious.

    As well as looking incredibly sexy (yes, sexy), Papier Noir feels incredibly luxe. Hardly surprising as it is made from 100% biodegradable virgin pulp and is entirely recyclable. Whether you're a scruncher, a folder or a one sheet wonder we guarantee you'll be impressed. And unlike the aforementioned newspaper, Renova Black won't leave black marks where it shouldn't.

    Before you scoff at this convention-defying triumph of bumbum-based design, it's worth considering that loo roll is something we all buy on a regular basis. So why not mix things up once in a while with a few rolls of Papier Noir? We guarantee guests will love it. And with three rolls in each incredibly smart tin, there'll be plenty for everyone. So get ordering. Your botty won't notice the difference but your bathroom will never be the same again!

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