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Paper Watch

Designer watch designed by you

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    Wearing a blank Paper Watch

    Don't be boring, get doodling...

    So what if your watch is waterproof to 5000 fathoms, hand-crafted by Swiss boffins and capable of measuring atmospheric conditions across several time zones? Because no matter how much you paid for it, we doubt it’s unique. And that’s where the Paper Watch comes in.

    Cheap but by no means common, this ingenious digital watch is encased in tear resistant paper-style material with a matching strap that you can customise with any doodlings, designs or scrawlings you fancy. Simply get busy with a pen, paintbrush, stencil or whatever. Think of it as a blank canvas you wear on your wrist.

    The Paper Watch blank and covered with illustrations

    The blank Paper Watch and underneath one we illustrated earlier!

    Some Paper Watch designs

    Some inspiration

    The possibilities are endless: bling it up like a Rolex, draw on your favourite cartoon characters, attempt a self portrait, adorn it with infantile musings or buy several and give ‘em out as personalised party invites for tardy guests. You could even leave yours blank and get everyone who asks you the time to do their worst with a felt-tip. After all, time is an abstract concept.

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