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Paper Pulp Clock
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Paper Pulp Clock

Pulp tick-tion

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    close up of the Paper Pulp Clock

    Recycled paper!

    A clock made from mulched paper makes about as much sense as a tweet by Charlie Sheen. But who says that’s a bad thing because the ingenious Paper Pulp Clock is one of the finest examples of recycling since Oasis regurgitated The Beatles’ back catalogue back in the ‘90s.

    Designed by Chris Koens and Ramón Middelkoop (it says here), this eco-friendly timepiece is fashioned from pulp (much like an egg box) that has been moulded into the shape of a traditional mantelpiece clock and dried naturally in the sun. A standard clock movement and chunky chrome hands are then fitted to complete its transformation from mulch to stylish tick tocker.

    An ideal present for time-conscious planet-huggers and fans of eco-innovation, the Paper Pulp Clock is the gift that keeps on giving because it can be re-pulped at the end of its lifetime. What are you waiting for? The clock’s ticking.

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