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Rock stars wanted. No talent required

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    Look no strings... just ActiveGraphics™ electronics man!

    Hey…wannabe a rockstar? Course you do. But learning to shred on a six-string is far too taxing for the average layabout. So wouldn’t it be great if you could play like a pro and jam with your heroes without all that fiddly string-plucking business? You can with Paper Jamz.

    These wafer-thin, touch-sensitive guitars contain ActiveGraphicsTM electronics so you can crank out chords and riffs freestyle or play along to various preloaded, fully licensed tracks without any of that elusive talent malarkey. And here’s the really good bit: there are no strings attached!


    Only 1 inch thick!

    Simply strum away and these rocktastic planks chug and kerrang through a built-in speaker. Britain’s got talent? Not really. You can feign musical competence in Perfect Play Mode, control the tempo in Rhythm Mode or go totally off piste in Freestyle Mode, a brilliant function that lets you play guitar for (almost) real.

    Description Description Description

    Choose your play mode

    slide and adjust the volume (after touching the volume button)

    In-built speaker!

    Simply move your fingers along the usable, open E fretboard: one finger for major, two for minor, three for a 7th. Assuming you’re not into avant-garde rubbish you can play virtually anything. It’s the ideal way to see if you’ve got what it takes to move up to a real axe. And even if you haven’t you can still knock out a few of your faves or compose the next Smoke on the Water. Maybe.

    Ideal for tennis racket rockers looking to step up to the next level of pretend axemeistery, these miraculous non-six strings come in five familiar flavours, each with its own trio of preloaded classics.

    Rock 3

    Rock 3: (songs) You Really Got Me. Blitzkrieg Bop. Godzilla

    Rock 4

    Rock 4: (songs) Hey There Delilah. All Star. Helicopter

    Rock 5

    Rock 5: (songs) Woman. Rockstar. Take It To The Limit

    Rock 2

    Rock 2: (songs) Born To Be Wild. Mississippi Queen. Smoke on the Water

    Rock 1

    Rock 1: (songs) What I Like About You. Two Princes. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.

    Just think, you could be banging out Blitzkrieg Bop on a Flying V-alike, chugging along to Steppenwolf on something Telecaster-ish, or struggling to keep up with Wolfmother on an Explorer-style sliver. And if you really want to melt faces you can hook your Paper Jamz up to an external amp. Kerrang!

    It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll, especially with no discernable talent, but Paper Jamz guitars will cut the journey in half and make it twice as silly. And no, they don’t go all the way to eleven. Shame.

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