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Paper Jamz Drums
  • Paper Jamz Drums

Paper Jamz Drums

Britain’s got talent? Sort of!

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    Listen up, Paper Jamz fans: a rockin’ range of drums are now available, enabling make-believe musos to crank up the volume, indulge in some proper crash-bang-wallop and throw shapes like a pro. Next stop, a full on Paper Jamz band!

    The Paper Jamz Drum with built-in amp lets you tap along to several preloaded rock classics. You can even control the rhythm for each song or bash out a powerhouse solo in Freestyle mode. Drumsticks? No need!

    Rock 1: What I Like About You. Two Princes. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It.
    Rock 2: Born To Be Wild. Mississippi Queen. Smoke on the Water


    Rock 3: Sold out (sorry!)
    Rock 4: Hey There Delilah. All Star. Helicopter

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