Pantone Christmas Baubles
  • Pantone Christmas Baubles

Pantone Christmas Baubles

Dreaming of a 11-0602 TPX Christmas

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    If decorating your Christmas tree with the same old dusty baubles every year is turning you green about the gills; spruce up your, erm... spruce with Pantone Christmas Baubles. Adding a dash of designer chic to your decorations, each of these painted glass baubles features one of Pantone’s official colours – and the reference code to match!

    Created by Italian design house Seletti, Pantone Christmas Baubles will be sure to delight and amuse anyone with a background in design – interior or otherwise. And they’ll cause equally powerful feelings of bafflement in anyone else! But either way, these tongue-in-cheek baubles are a great alternative to your typical festive ware and would look sensational in any home.

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