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Panoramica DVDs

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    Panoramica DVDs

    Mick Rock's Punk Drunk Love

    Who says there's never anything good on the telly? Not us, because Panoramica DVDs are destined to change the way you look at your TV forever. Featuring breathtaking images from world-renowned artists and photographers, these ingenious discs will instantly transform your gogglebox into an electronic gallery showcasing some of the greatest images ever seen.

    Simply shove in a Panoramica DVD and prepare to be mesmerised by a constant stream of compelling ambient art. Think mind-blowing TV screensaver and you're almost there.

    Pop in a Panoramica DVD at evening soirees and we guarantee eyes will drift towards your telly for all the right reasons (not to see who's been evicted from Big Brother). Armed with these DVDs you can stare at your TV 24/7 without feeling guilty. Each image unfolds slowly and you can set the slideshow to 1, 3 or 5 minutes per image - over a period of 8 hours!

    Actually, it's quite nice having the telly on when you're busy doing something else. Programmes can be seriously distracting (which is the general idea) even with the sound down. Trying to read a book whilst Ken Barlow is making his tea is virtually impossible. And chatting to guests as Noel Edmonds opens his box is harder than Chinese algebra. Thankfully these DVDs will add ambience to your room without niggling into your mind space.

    We're currently stocking one Panoramica DVD:

    Panoramica DVDs
    Mick Rock - Punk Drunk Love captures iconic photos of glamrock's kings (and queens!) at the height of their 70s power. Rock on!

    We really can't stress how visually arresting these images are, and they're infinitely cheaper than forking out on a load of pricey pictures. So hit Buy and wave goodbye to that blank screen forever.

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