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Panini Football Sticker T-Shirt

    Panini Football Sticker T-Shirt

    Three Lions on a shirt...plus11 mullets! Sheer class.

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      Put Johnny-come-lately football fans to shame with this stylish tribute to England’s…er, Kuwait-beating 1982 World Cup squad. Forget the fashion-conscious, fragile-footed, Ferrari driving wimps of 2002, the ‘82 squad was brimming with sheer brute force, not to mention an overabundance of bad hair.

      Panini football stickers are as coveted now as they were 20 years ago, so to be able to display a full England squad, albeit in T-Shirt form, is a feat in itself and we guarantee your mates will be unable to avert their eyes from your retro-chic chest.

      Despite being eliminated in the second phase, Keegan, Shilton, Hoddle and the rest of the boys still managed to beat France (all right, so they were crap in those days) and concede just one goal in the whole tournament. So what if most of them looked as if they shared hairstyling tips with Eddie Large and Lennie Bennett? And who cares that Terry McDermott looked more like a dodgy porn star than a world beating midfielder? The point is these guys did it for love not money and the only ads they ever appeared in were for cheap aftershaves and the Green Cross Code!

      Panini Football Sticker T-Shirt

      Granted, these lads weren’t as pretty as our current squad but you wouldn’t want to be parading around with pictures of Michael ‘What’s shaving?’ Owen, David ‘I’ve stubbed me toe’ Beckham, or Trevor ’20,000 miles and counting’ Sinclair.

      This fashionable footie tribute is guaranteed to kickstart nostalgic conversations whenever and wherever you wear it, and is an original alternative to all the other footie shirts available. Altogether now, "ThereÂ’s only one Kevin Keegan!"

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