Panic Mouse

    Panic Mouse

    Here Kitty, Kitty!

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      Felines can be aloof little blighters when the mood takes them. Perhaps this explains why we humans love bringing them down a peg or two by waving bits of string and broken twigs at them in an attempt to elicit a few undignified swipes, punches and air-grapples. Unfortunately, wiggling things endlessly can be rather tiring, so Firebox has the purrfect solution in the shape of a big, bright yellow mouse!

      Basically, Panic Mouse is a battery-operated mouse with an extremely wiggly tail. Simply turn Panic Mouse's nose to activate and adjust the speed of the tail movement and you're away. Don't ask us why, but we guarantee your cat will go absolutely nuts the minute he/she claps eyes on this playful little rodent, and will be clawing, pawing and playing roly poly for hours.

      You can add to the fun by jiggling Panic Mouse around manually to see if your reflexes match your moggies. Alternatively, simply place Panic Mouse on his handy stand, walk away and leave pusskins to play alone for hours on end. (One of our testers reported that Panic Mouse kept his cat enthralled for the entire duration of a Champion's League match, post match analysis included).

      The quirky movements and ingenious design of Panic Mouse's tail ensure your beloved moggy won't get entangled in the furry end piece, and the bendy plastic tail-attachment is completely claw-friendly. This really is the cat's whiskers when it comes to interactive pussycat playthings and just about the best present you could ever buy your furry friend. Altogether now, "Aw, isn't he just the cutest thing!"

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