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Panda Coin Bank

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Panda Coin Bank
This is only available at Firebox!
  • Let a money-grabbing Panda bear take care of your riches
  • Place your coins in the bowl and watch it snatch 'em up
  • Yelps a cheerful "ni-hao!" once he's been 'fed'
  • Makes saving money as fun as it can possibly be
Where's the fun in saving money? There isn't any, but this Panda Coin Bank certainly helps take the edge off.

Simply place your coin in the bowl atop this innocuous box and watch as a money-grabbing panda peers out, snatches your shrapnel and gives a heartfelt 'ni-hao!' before disappearing back inside.

When was the last time you paid for anything with a handful of coins? Exactly. Who needs 'em! Get saving, and give this plastic Panda the rich diet it deserves.

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