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Palm Runner

    Palm Runner

    Four-wheeled fun from the flick of a gun

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      Get your motor running, dah-na-dana-dah-na, head out on the, erÂ…conference table? You may well scoff, but racing Palm Runners around the home and office is more fun than you can possibly imagine. And if youÂ’re reading this, weÂ’ve no doubt you can imagine quite a lot! These nippy little R/C cars are a doddle to operate and super-responsive to boot. The simple wheeler-type transmitter looks and feels like a space-age Scalextric gun and with two bandwidths (27MHz and 40MHz) available, two cars can run simultaneously, which means racing against opponents is easier than hot-wiring a Cortina.

      After a bit of practice, youÂ’ll soon be pulling doughnuts thatÂ’d make Burt Reynolds weep, and tearing round the room faster than Eddie Irvine en route to the nearest pool party. And with a running time of more than 2 hours, unexpectedly running out of go-go juice is highly unlikely. Besides, you can always pilfer the batteries out of the bossÂ’s calculator (assuming it takes two AA alkaline batteries).

      As you'd expect from Kyosho (makers of the Palm Runner's big brother, the excellent Mini-Z Racer), each sturdy car features genuine front and rear suspension, so leaping off ruler-ramps over waste-paper ravines presents no problem. And a few well-positioned matchboxes make perfect substitutes for those pesky cardboard boxes that blighted each and every one of Starsky and HutchÂ’s pursuits. In fact, these snazzy little speed freaks are brilliant office playthings and, when not in use, look great just sitting atop a PC. (Make sure the remote unit stays out of enemy hands, otherwise you could be wearing a Dodge Viper in your gums).

      Unlike the comically unstylish R/C cars that you often see crawling forlornly around the local toyshop, Palm Runners really look the business too with the black BMW Z8 (40MHz) and metallic blue Dodge Viper (27MHz). Gentlemen, insert your batteries!

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