Paint Your Own CowParade Cow
  • Paint Your Own CowParade Cow

Paint Your Own CowParade Cow

Go paint a cow. You herd!

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    The last time we went to a trendy art show we mistook the prize-winning exhibit for a bin and got thrown out for corrupting its unbridled purity with a soggy sandwich wrapper. And arguing that our alleged misdemeanour was in fact an experimental statement juxtaposing genuine litter with pretentious garbage just didn't cut it with security.

    The point being, we know Pollock-all about art. But you needn't know your Rolfs from your Renoirs to appreciate the brilliance of the Paint Your Own CowParade Cow Kit. That's because this highly innovative painting set is part of a global art movement that can be enjoyed by expert brush-slingers and udder novices alike.

    Paint Your Own CowParade Cow So what's all this CowParade moo-larkey about then? Well, CowParade is a roving international art show that has featured in major cities across the globe. Sculptures of cows are decorated by local artists and then displayed in public places such as train stations and parks. The cows frequently feature designs specific to local culture, as well as city life and other relevant themes.

    Paint Your Own CowParade Cow

    Paint Your Own CowParade Cow For some unfathomable reason cows lend themselves perfectly to all manner of weird and wacky designs. And although the robust resin cow that comes with the Paint Your Own CowParade Cow Kit isn't life-size you can still let your imagination run wild. Simply get busy dipping the high quality paintbrush into the six tubs of water-based paint and Monet's your uncle.

    Paint Your Own CowParade Cow We've gone cow-crazy here at the Firebox Mooseum of Modern Art. The place is heaving with psychedelic cows, gothic cows, pinstripe cows, Britpop cows, hip-hop cows, comedy cows, Warhol-esque cows - the possibilities are endless. You could even go mad and paint yours black and white with a bright pink udder and... hold on, that's what normal cows look like, isn't it?

    Even if you haven't handled a paintbrush since your schooldays, we guarantee your inner creative genius will be reawakened the second you clap eyes on your unadorned moo-cow. And once you've customised one you'll want a whole herd of these udderly charming creatures. Because as well as exercising your imagination, CowParade Cows make seriously original gifts and über-quirky desktop companions. So hurry up and get ordering before we paint our entire herd. Moo!

    Blank cow canvas:
    Paint Your Own CowParade Cow

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