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Pad & Quill Case for iPad
  • Pad & Quill Case for iPad

Pad & Quill Case for iPad

Leather-bound luxury

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    It looks like a smart notebook

    Looks like a Moleskine-style notebook

    Walking into meetings carrying a Moleskine-style notebook is de rigueur in creative circles, even if it only contains infantile doodlings. But thanks to the relentless march of technology, so is carrying an iPad. So why not combine the two with the supremely chic Pad & Quill Case for iPad.

    Handmade using traditional bookbinding techniques, this gorgeously crafted case will keep your beloved iPad safe and snug, whilst enabling you to carry it like a book. How cool is that?

    Lift out your iPad

    Use the 'bookmark' to lift out the iPad

    ‘Very’ is the answer because as well as boasting a luxe leather exterior, the Pad & Quill’s interior is constructed from a skilfully machined slice of Baltic birch. Simply pop your iPad inside and soft rubber bumpers in each corner will hold it securely in place. To remove just tug on the red ribbon 'bookmark'.

    As you would expect from a case of this quality, cut-out sections give full access to all iPad buttons and ports. It even features a surprisingly effective ‘speaker hole’ that covers the speaker when closed, but reflects sound forward when in use. We’ve heard of brilliant audio books but this is ridiculous!

    Accessible ports

    Features cut-outs for all ports and buttons so you can listen to your iTunes library while in a boring lecture or meeting!

    Turns into a nice stand for landscape viewing

    It can also create the perfect angle for reading/typing when folded over

    This discreetly stylish case also makes tip-tapping away on your iPad a cinch – just fold it back on itself for the perfect typing angle. When you’re done swiping, pointing and generally showing off you can secure the whole shebang with its smart elasticated strap and go about your business, safe in the knowledge its cunning appearance might even deter tech-snaffling thieves. Bound to please? This is a case of complete genius!

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