Pack-Away Lunch Box
  • Pack-Away Lunch Box

Pack-Away Lunch Box

Eat your fill then collapse

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    Simply flatten when it's empty

    Without doubt, the most universally hated cupboard in the kitchen is the one with all the Tupperware in it. Suddenly realising that you’re going to have to face those teetering towers of empty takeaway tubs and stacks of lids causes many of us break out in a nervous sweat. But before you throw your hands in the air and huff about even more plastic boxes... take a closer look at the Pack-Away Lunch Box.

    Once you’ve eaten your sandwiches or snackable treats, this cleverly designed box collapses to half its original size. Brilliant for sliding back into your bag or briefcase; and freeing up much-needed cupboard space back home.
    Spoon Knife Fork

    Each lunchbox includes this great little knife/fork/spoon! Perfect for eating anything, anywhere.

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