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    We all want to be DJs. Come on, deep down every time you cross the threshold of your local Ritzy’s you’re mentally stalking over to the booth, a bag of deadly records slung across your hunched back. Pacemaker is the gizmo that will have you cracking off brilliant mixes in no time – you get all the practice you want because it’s a full DJ kit that fits in the palm of your hand!

    Getting to Carnegie Hall takes practice. Getting to play in a proper nightclub takes practice and an eye-watering dedication to detail. Pacemaker lets you mix all day and all night wherever you are, until you turn into a mixing robot called the Deejaynaut-o-bot. How, you ask? Well, the first step to wisdom is curiosity, musical pilgrim.

    You don’t need to be a master of the wheels of steel to use a Pacemaker. A clever ‘auto beat-match’ feature on screen, shows you what’s happening visually to help you make every mix as seamless as possible, while timestretching and key change functions mean you can alter the beats without changing the notes. Even fledgling beatmasters can’t go ‘Pete Tong’.

    Pacemaker playing a tune

    Playing a tune

    Pacemaker is really like an iPod you can mix tunes with. It’s got a belting 120GB memory, which fits far more than the roomiest of record bags, and won’t break the roadie’s backs either. You select your tunes, assign them to one of the two channels, and start playing. There’s a touch sensitive crossfader bar to bring the new songs in on, and a large touchpad for navigating the functions.

    Pacemaker filters

    Watch a demo of the
    cool functions!

    Already you’ve got more than the average DJ could hope for. Listen up, superstar, there’s more. A 3-band equaliser, loop editor, gain and pitch controls let you tamper with the sound of your massive tune library. Special effects are built in to whip your crowd into a frenzy with totally original-sounding mixes too: hi-cut/lo-cut, roll, echo, reverb, Crush, Wah, Delay and Trans. You can even click into a vinyl mode that lets you move a tune back and forward, just like it was a real record.

    Connect to:
    Pacemaker top and bottom





    It’s not all about the headphones with this personal little system: a line out socket means you can pump out the tunes to any other audio system, while the rechargeable battery gives you 18 hours of music playback or 5 full hours of DJ playback. Save your best mixes when you’re on the bus, and Pacemaker lets you play them out in a superclub via the included software.

    Pacemaker top and bottom

    Settings, USB, kill-all

    Power, line-out, headphones

    Pacemaker box

    In the box

    Of course, you may just plan to rip up tracks in your spare time and play them to your cat in the wee small hours of the morning, but we’re not going to hold you back. The Pacemaker is a versatile little beast that’ll please helicopter-flying Oakenfolds as much as homespun grimecore mashup artists. No, we’re not sure what that means either.


    “P switch”

    Pacemaker – it’s either a tiny DJ kit for music fans, or a full size mixing table for midgets. We’ll let you be the musical judge.

    In the box (120 GB):
    Pacemaker top and bottom

    Pacemaker, USB cable, Quick guide, 3m phono cable, Power charger, Strap

    In the box (60 GB):
    Pacemaker top and bottom

    Pacemaker, USB cable, Quick guide, 3m phono cable, Strap

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