Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink
  • Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink

Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink

Mew-ew-ew-ew-ew *pop*

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    stef with energy drink

    Power-up with this
    cherry flavour drink!

    Some people grab a mushroom. Others eat spinach. Some even whisper a secret magic word. But when you need to power up, 80’s style, grab a can of Pac-Man Power Up Energy Drink. Styled on the blockbusting arcade game, this twin-pack of 250ml energy drinks packs more wallop than a whole gobful of power pellets.

    Fully licensed by NAMCO, this retro beverage is every gaming geek’s dream (if they ever actually get to sleep). How does it taste? Like cherries, of course! So grab one while you can and send those pesky ghosts running for the hills. You can see them too, right?
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