Pac-Man Cookie Cutters
  • Pac-Man Cookie Cutters

Pac-Man Cookie Cutters


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    Pac Man Cookie Cutters

    With its power pills, cherries and chomping, Pac-Man is essentially a game about eating. So it’s no surprise the design gurus over at Suck UK decided to base their first foray into cookware on this legendary video game.

    Pac Man Cookie Cutters Pac Man Cookie Cutters Pac Man Cookie Cutters

    Roll out dough

    Cut out shapes

    Bake on a tray

    Officially licensed, Pac-Man Cookie Cutters are shaped just like the main characters from Pac-Man. You get the yellow pellet muncher himself plus those naughty ghosts, Inky, Blinky and Pinky. Simply press ‘em into your cookie mix (recipe included) and presto – cookies shaped like gaming icons. Try doing that with Max Payne or Lara Croft!

    Pac Man Cookie Cutters
    Guaranteed to make playing with your food completely irresistible, Pac-Man Cookie Cutters are ideal for vidiots, cookie fans and anyone who’s ever wiggled their joystick in glee having cleared a Pac-Man maze. And that means everyone, right? Wakawakawaka…’Ulp!
    Pac Man Cookie Cutters

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